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Welcome to Yogyakarta Principles in Action

Welcome to YP in Action, a website hosted by ARC International to track and evaluate the use of the Yogyakarta Principles.


This website tracks the use of the Principles to make the information available to activists, lawyers, academics, governments, and others to further their work in the area of sexual orientation and gender identity.


The Activist's Guide, an introduction to the Principles to facilitate a deeper understanding of them and to foster their use and promotion, can be viewed, and ordered on this site. For a copy of the guide, in English and Spanish, check out this page: Activist's Guide.


A recent report, The Impact of the Yogyakarta Principles on International Human Rights Law Development - A Study of November 2007 - June 2010, is a comprehensive examination of how the Principles are being used and/or referred to on a global scale in the area of human rights regarding sexual orientation and gender identity. 


We welcome information on work related to the Principles in any area. Please contact the Project Coordinator to submit information. The information we receive is uploaded as is - we do not edit or review any of the documents.